varsha solar electric


EPCC Scope of Services​

Varsha Solar Electric offers a unique value proposition that has been designed to address all the issues that WTG manufacturers, IPPs, and CPPs face when setting up a wind farm. We provide end-to-end BOP solutions for WTGs, from idea to commissioning.

Value Delivered

Site Identification & Acquisition

Our key competence is identifying and acquiring good windy sites for utility scale wind farms

Site preparation

We construct access roads and fetch ROWs in tough and challenging situations

Construction & Erection

WTG civil foundation, 33kv USS & internal network as well as logistics, installation & erection of Wind Farms & Wind Solar Hybrid Power Projects

Power Evacuation

We undertake EPCC of 33/66 & 33/220 kv windfarm pooling substation and EHV lines

Permits & Approvals

We obtain all requisite permits & approvals from government authorities for the project execution and its operational life thereof

Operations & Maintenance

O&M services for the entire BOP portion of wind farm through its wholly owned subsidiary KP Energy OMS Limited.